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For the past few years, I've been creating music that plays on the science of nature and sound. An engineer by education, I've always been drawn to the mechanics of sound and the ways it interplays with the world we experience around us.


Music has always been my bridge to the world of others. I have always seen music and sound as a fundamental way to connect. And when we dive deeper, there is a deep natural order to it all, and science is our translator to truly understand what's beneath the surface of sound.

Music is not an ephemeral concept; instead, music is eternal and should be encapsulated in a medium that befits that nature. As I begin my journey, I will be publishing many of my creations through various blockchain projects to create a more everlasting expression of my art. I have been interested in blockchain and NFTs for a while now, and I feel that this endeavor will help me become a more productive member of the community.


I will publish information on each of my releases between here and my Twitter, so stay tuned! For each release or collection, I will keep y'all informed of the formats, inspirations, sale info, and more.


I'm looking forward to this opportunity to combine my passions for technology, science, music, and art, and I welcome any and all opportunities to collaborate with other bright and budding artists!

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