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Below are some of the projects I have created for the Cardano community. Several more projects are still in work. Enjoy the sound of the blockchain!

Chordano Thumbnail_edited.jpg


A chordal interpretation of the name "Ada", the fundamental currency of the Cardano blockchain


Welcome to my World (Coming Soon!)

A collection of NFTs that play on my musical interpretations of the four natural elements through the lens of some of my favorite chord progressions

Theme on Goguen Snapshot.png


Cardano Suite (Coming Soon!)

A set of musical compositions, arranged in a modern suite structure, that tell the stories of the Cardano blockchain's developmental roadmap and its eras' namesakes

Several smaller collections and one-of-one pieces that emotively speak to a dear and deeper theme

Pools Raw Cover Coin.png
CKEYS Composition Thumbnail.png

Musiqal collaborations and community contest submissions. While most of these are not NFT-ized yet, I wanted to share these new perspectives on the sounds of the blockchain!

Smaller holiday-themed pieces and collections for fun and to give back to the musiqal community. These range from one-off pieces to small, unique drops.

Auld Angel Bells (Thumbnail)_1.1.1.png
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